About Kitty Cottage

Kitty Cottage is a family owned pet sitting and boarding inn kennel exclusively for cats. We're located in Franklin, Massachusetts and frequently welcome guests from nearby Rhode Island. As a lifelong multiple cat family, we know the difficulties in finding accommodations for pets during vacation time.

Kitty Cottage boarding kennel for cats in Franklin, Massachusetts

All too often, boarding facilities are designed to provide spacious units and exercise runs for dogs, while the feline clients are relegated to a number of small cages in a room. Our kitty condos are clean and comfortable and staffed by warm, knowledgeable cat lovers.

At Kitty Cottage, we know that hearing dogs, or smelling the scent of dogs, results in fear and anxiety for cats. Our luxury boarding is exclusively for cats and we cater to cats' needs. Each guest can relax in a spacious, multilevel condo, in a comfy bed with a window view. Since cats do not like to play together, each guest has individual play time outside of his or her condo during which they can stretch, play, explore and enjoy some TLC from our caretakers. Playtime, individual attention from a caregiver, treats, and brushing are all included in each guest's stay because we believe that all cats deserve attention and pampering while on vacation at Kitty Cottage.

Pet Sitting and Boarding Kennel Serving Massachusetts (MA) and Rhode Island (RI)
Our lovely Kitty Cottage